Student Insurance

    Student insurance

    All students enrolled at the University of Pisa, including exchange programme students, are covered by insurance.

    The University of Pisa has activated an accident policy for the University students’ benefit. It is a broad insurance plan that in addition to covering basic needs, also covers medical expenses incurred after an accident and a daily allowance in case of hospitalization and immobilization.

    Those who fall into the student category are automatically covered by insurance:

    • for all activities carried out in the university facilities
    • for travel between the various university facilities
    • for participating in sports activities organized by the University of Pisa or operated by the CUS (University Sports Center), with the exclusion of certain types (boxing, weightlifting, wrestling in its various forms, hiking with rock or ice climbing, caving, ski jumping, waterski, acrobatic skiing, bobsled, rugby, skydiving, paragliding and air sports in general)
    • for travel from home to the university facilities or to any other facilities open to students.

    All other activities elsewhere (other universities, research organizations, companies etc., worldwide) are covered by insurance if:

    • carried out under the auspices of the University of Pisa
    • authorized by an officer of the University of Pisa.