The extent to which fundamental economic freedoms apply to private law relations and the modalities thereof raise crucial questions concerning the institutional divisions of labour between the European Union and the member States and between the national legislatures and the judiciary, particularly in the realm of social fundamental rights.

    In the 2016 summer school organised by the Department of Law and the Department of Political Sciences of the University of Pisa, students, young researchers, legal scholars and professionals will meet to delve deeper into  the application of economic freedoms to private law disputes and its impact on contract regulation.

    Classes will be held in Room 3, Polo Carmignani, in Piazza dei Cavalieri, 8


    Monday, 27 June

    10,00 a.m. welcome meeting

    12,00 p.m.

    Inaugural Lecture

    Professor Elena Bargelli, University of Pisa

    15,00 a.m.

    Europe Crisis-Law and the Protection of Social Rights

    Professor Stefano Giubboni, University of Perugia


    Tuesday, 28 June

    9,00 a.m.

    The Limits of Interpretation. The ECJ and the Private Law Tradition

    Professor Valentina Calderai, University of Pisa

    10,30: coffee break

    11,00 a.m.

    EU Competition Law

    Professor Lorenzo Pace, University of Molise, Jean Monnet Centre

    15,00 p.m.

    A Philosophical Introduction to Human Rights

    Professor Mario Ricciardi, State University of Milan


    Wednesday, 29 June

    9,00 a.m.

    The CESL viewed in the perspective of the European Digital Single Market and the European Legal Tradition

    Professor Aldo Petrucci, University of Pisa

    11,00 a.m.

    Towards a European Regulatory Framework for Robotics

    Andrea Bertolini, Lecturer, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies

    15,00 p.m.

    Data Protection: Foundation and Limits of a Fundamental Right

    Giuseppe Francesco Ajello, PhD, Sant’Anna School for Advanced Studies


    Thursday, 30 June

    09,00 a.m.

    Tort Law in the Digital Age

    Professor Bernhard Alexander Koch, University of Innsbruck

    10,00: coffee break


    Human Rights, European Law and the recognition of minorities: the Roma case 

    Francesco Spano and Roberto Bortone, Unar (Anti-discrimination Office of the Italian Government)


    15,00 p.m.

    European Integration and Migration Policy

    Professor Chiara Favilli, University of Florence


    Monday, 4 July

    9,00 a.m.

    Property Rights in Europe

    Ranieri Bianchi, PhD, University of Pisa

    10,30: coffee break

    11,00 a.m.

    Housing Rights in Europe after the Treaty of Lisbon

    Padraic Kenna, Lecturer, National University of Ireland, Galway

    15,00 p.m.

    Chiara Angiolini, PhD researcher, University of Venezia

    Seminar: The ECHR case law on Art 1 Prot. no 1, between “possessions” and “biens”


    Tuesday, 5 July

    9,00 am

    Tort Law and Fundamental Rights

    Professor Alberto Ruda Gonzalez, University of Girona

    10,30: coffee break

    11,00 a.m.

    Dr. Giulia Donadio, post-doctoral researcher, University of Pisa

    EU Non-Discrimination Law: Principles and Current Issues


    17,00 p.m.

    Commercial Speech Doctrine in a Comparative Perspective

    Professor Christoph Bezemek, Vienna University of Economics and Business


    Wednesday, 6 July

    9,00 a.m.

    Consumer Law and Equal Protection Clause

    Prof. Alessandro Ciatti, University of Torino

    11,00 a.m.

    The Notion of Consumer

    Prof. Maria Rosaria Maugeri, University of Catania

    15,00 p.m.

    Fundamental Rights in the Digital Market

    Prof. Alberto De Franceschi, University of Ferrara

    17,00 p.m.

    Francesca Episcopo, PhD candidate (Pisa), MJur Candidate (Oxford)

    Seminar: The Unfair Contractual Terms Directive: a case study of the tension between procedural autonomy and effectiveness in the CJEU case law


    Thursday, 7 July

    9,00 a.m.

    Art. 9 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights: the State of the Unions

    Federico Azzarri, PhD, University of Pisa

    10,30: coffee break

    11,00 a.m.

    Same-sex marriage and recognition of same-sex relationships in Europe

    Professor Angioletta Sperti, University of Pisa

    15,00 p.m.

    The European Union, Families and Fundamental Rights

    Professor Nuno Ferreira, University of Liverpool


    Friday, 8 July

    9,00 a.m.

    Final Examination

    18,00 p.m.

    Farewell Party