EU citizens

    Health care assistance is available to all European citizens (belonging to EU Member States and EEA States) who have the EHIC/TEAM card (European Health Insurance Card) or who enroll in the Italian National Health Service.

    If you have the EHIC/TEAM card, you can go directly to any doctor, during outpatient time, and have the right to any services needed, on a case by case basis (therefore, you cannot choose your own doctor).
    For a list of doctors and outpatient schedules, it is possible to visit the page Ricerca medici (“Search for doctors”) which can be found at the ASL 5 website.
    Students must bring their health card and a photocopy of the card.

    Those who want to sign up to the Italian National Health service will have to ask the health insurance scheme of their country to issue the certificate E106 or E109 or S1 and present it at the counter CUP ABROAD (CUP ESTERO).

    If you have the requested forms, the registration is free and you have the right to choose your own family doctor and take advantage of basic services.

    EU member States: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Hungary.

    EEA States (non UE members): Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland.

    Info and contacts

    Centro Informazione e Consulenza Stranieri
    Società della Salute Pisana
    Via Saragat, 21 Pisa
    Sig.ra Silvestri Paola
    Tel. +39 050 954006 – e-mail

    Non-EU citizens

    Non-EU foreign citizens (who belong to countries which are outside the European Union and of the European Economic Area): the insurance coverage for health services or hospitalization is required to obtain an entry visa in Italy and/or the residence permit.

    Possible scenarios:

    • consular statement that shows the right to health care determined by an agreement between Italy and the applicant’s country of origin;
    • foreign insurance policy, accompanied by a consular statement on its validity in Italy, its duration and the forms of assistance provided. The forms of assistance can not exclude the costs of urgent hospitalization nor limit the amount;
    • specific insurance policy contracted with Italian entities or companies that offer, in agreement with the Ministry of Health, the coverage of such risks. For other organizations or companies, which are not affiliated, the policy must be accompanied by a declaration from the insurance company that specifies the absence of limitations or exceptions to the fees established for emergency hospitalization for its whole duration;
    • volunteer registration to the National Health Services, which you may do at the health district on Via Garibaldi, in Pisa. The registration cost for the current year is € 149,77. Payment must be made by postal (money) order (available at any post office) to c/c 289504 payable to the “Region of Tuscany”, writing under the “Causale” heading Contribution SSN 2013 Foreign student.

    The receipt of payment will allow you to go to a sanitary district (we suggest the one closest to where you live) to choose a family doctor. It also entitles you to all benefits free of charge.

    Info and contacts:

    Direzione Ricerca e Internazionalizzazione
    Unità Promozione Internazionale

    Lungarno Pacinotti, 44 56126 Pisa
    Dott. Mauro Mazzotta
    Tel. +39 050 2212096

    Centro Informazione e Consulenza Stranieri
    Società della Salute Pisana
    Via Saragat, 21 Pisa
    Sig.ra Silvestri Paola
    Tel. +39 050 954006 – e-mail