Diritto anglo-americano - Anglo-American Law

    Anno Accademico

    Docente: Passaglia Paolo

    L’insegnamento è tenuto in lingua inglese

    Aim and objectives of the course
    The aim of the course is to provide the students with an introduction to the study of the common law systems.
    After a short analysis of the main features of these systems (mostly referring to knowledge already acquired in other courses), the course will focus on specific issues, that, for this year, will deal with American criminal procedure, and in particular constitutional principles enshrined in the Bill of Rights.
    In order to develop a pragmatic approach to foreign law, episodes of legal dramas (“Law and Order – Trial by Jury”) will be watched and discussed during classes, so as to concentrate on several key-features of the criminal procedure and individual’s rights related to fair trial.
    On the basis of the subjects considered in each episode, students will be invited to carry out their own researches on selected cases, and to report them to the class. A debate will then take place, moderated by Professor Passaglia.

    Professor Passaglia will make all the materials for the preparation of the researches and of the exam available on the Moodle e-learning platform (http://polo4.elearning.unipi.it). In order to download the materials, students should be signed up for the two modules.

    Suggested prerequisites
    Professor Passaglia strongly recommends that students pass the exam of “Sistemi giuridici comparati” (or a corresponding exam on Comparative Law) before taking the course. Having regard to the topics and the teaching methods, class attendance is highly recommended in order to take the exam.